Southampton 1-1 Arsenal: Clearing the point after the game

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Southampton 1-1 Arsenal: Clearing the point after the game. The artillery did not complete 90 minutes and missed the draw for the first time in the season.

Arsenal were knock out of a draw for the first time in the Premier League. This season sharing a point with Southampton 1-1 in a game to say the visitors from London failed to accelerate in the final 45 minutes of the game.

Arsenal had an early lead from Granit Xhaka in the first 11 minutes of the game. before fading down and conceding a goal for Stewart Armstrong in the second half split the score

Arsenal and player fatigue

This was a clear game that Arsenal, with their continued play, had begun to show signs of fatigue. from playing every three days since the beginning of the month This is something they haven’t seen in the past season. And as a result in this game at the second half. They did not accelerate the game. And the symptoms went down until the last time they lost the equalizer. And finally, it ends with a split of the scores.

Arsenal were better in the first 45 minutes. But they were “close” in the first 15 minutes of the second half. And began to lose after losing goals. The unfortunate thing for Arsenal is They had 11 chances in the first half. But can only add 4 more times in the second half. Indicating a clear decline in potential. When he had the opportunity, he couldn’t grab it enough until he was finally returned to himself.

After winning the opponent with a score of 1-0 for three games in a row Finally. Their only goal was not enough for three points.

rotation of players and reserve power

Arsenal is a team in the team building phase. They might call big teams have history. But looking at the present. They Europa League teams that haven’t play in the Champions League for six years. That’s what makes them unattractive to big-name players. and mainly looking for players. Who want to play in the starting lineup No matter how well the team has set the system, the first 11 are quality players who understand the game of the team much. Finally, the problem of Squad Depth in the team is still quite a distance apart. And it’s not Arsenal the only team. That has faced this problem. which depends on how the team manages And how did the results come out as well?

Mikel Arteta may have to dare to give the subs a chance to streamline the squad each game. Including as one form of player development that exists. which is the first goal in team building and followed by trading players in the market for more to add more to this section.

The problem of judging the judges

Has mention enough for the decision of Robert Jones. Who quite release the game despite the rhythm that can give many fouls. and affects the game image of the home team Which is secondary throughout the first half to able to return to the game easier However, the referee’s decision is only part of the game today. Because the goal Arsenal missed, the goal came from the excellence of the home attacking game. And the mistakes of the away team’s defensive line were painfully penalize. After being test several times before