Jurgen Klopp stun after Gerrard was bounced by Aston Villa

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Jurgen Klopp stun after Gerrard was bounced by Aston Villa.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has urged Steven Gerrard to be sacked by Aston Villa. Believing Stevie G could move on from the matter. and will definitely come back

‘I’m sure he’ll be back,’ the Liverpool boss said at a press conference ahead of the Premier League game against Nottingham Forest.

‘I’ve known him for seven years in Liverpool, although we don’t meet often for a number of reasons, he was in America and then he came to the Academy, of course we had the opportunity to say hi. Build a little close relationship I always follow him.”

‘We greeted each other a little this morning. but did not discuss it in depth. or talk a lot I can only imagine how disappointing it was for him. because he is ambitious and what he wants to achieve at Aston Villa”

”Of course it’s not good at all. But I don’t think we now have to worry about Stevie, as he said yesterday. He has known about the game for a long time. And these things can already happen.”

‘You all know Stevie better than me, he always comes back. He will move on and come back for sure. no doubt These things can happen. Many great managers have left previous clubs for different reasons.”

”Now I hope he can spend some time with himself. because since he stopped playing football He was always working. If I’m not mistaken, then it might take some time for him. To recharge energy back”

Gerrard spent 342 days in charge of Villa, winning 13 games, drawing 8 and losing 19 of 40 games (all events).