‘Flick’ is still interested in a comeback to manage the Tigers.

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Barcelona’s managerial situation may have a turnaround. After it was reported that Hansi Flick is still keeping an eye on Bayern Munich’s managerial situation at the moment.

Flick’s name Became one of the favorites to take the job with Barcelona after Xavi Hernandez this summer. But according to the latest report from http://ufabet999.app

reporter Christian Falk, Flick is very honor to be link with Barcelona. ​​But he is still keeping an eye on the situation of Bayern Munich, his former team. The status of Thomas Tuchel, the current head coach of the Tigers’ team, is under great pressure. And it became more severe after the game where they lost to Bayer Leverkusen 3-0, including news of Tuchel’s connection to the team’s manager list.

Of Barcelona, ​​with speculation that he may be persuade to leave Bayern Munich for the Catalans in the summer. Falk also reports that Bayern are discussing The possibility of bringing Flick back to the team is one of their options.

The report states that Flick is awaiting updates at his home on Lake Tegernsee. And has also been flattere by Barcelona’s allege interest in him replacing Xavi. Bayern still holds fond memories of Flick’s tenure on the sidelines, particularly for winning the sextuple in 2020. If there’s no expected improvement in the team’s performance under Tuchel in the upcoming matches, a coaching change could be on the horiz