Conte fears Spurs may not use Kuluchevski until after the World Cup

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Conte fears Spurs may not use Kuluchevski until. After the World Cup.

Antonio Conte has admitted that Spurs could be out of service for Dejan Kuluchevski until the end of the World Cup later this year from injury problems.

The 22-year-old Sweden international winger has not played since September due to injuries sustained on his mission with the Swedish national team and most recently Spurs manager Conte admits that he may be able to use him again after the World Cup

“I think we need some time to return to use him. Of course I was worry. Because at first the rehabilitation process was possible. But then it turned out to be a problem. And it had to go back and start all over. The team of caretakers will work to make sure. They fully recover and ready to play in the shortest possible time. If he’s ready to go on the field It also means the opportunity to score more points in the scoreboard.”

Sweden have missed out on this year’s World Cup final after losing to Poland in the play-offs.

Tottenham Hotspur forward Dejan Kulusevski admits he made the right decision to leave Juventus.

The 22-year-old star joined the Golden Spurs army during the past January. With an 18-month loan contract, he can show good form and become an important force almost immediately. And is expect at the end of the loan contract. After the end of this season. It will bought out to join the team permanently.