Agbonlahor has urge Liverpool to let youngsters go on loan

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Agbonlahor has urged Liverpool to let youngsters go on loan after seeing form in Forest defeat.

Gabriel Agbonlahor believes Liverpool should sell young attacker Fabio Carvalho. Who join the club in the summer on loan to other clubs. After the news showed no form in the defeat to Nottingham Forest in the Premier League on Saturday night.

The Portuguese star has made a real start in the offensive line on the left. Despite having a chance to score in the first half, his overall form was so poor that he was substituted in the 62nd minute, with the 20-year-old becoming one of the most criticized players.

Agbonlahor has spoken on the matter and also criticized the performances of other Reds players after the game.

“With regard to Liverpool, where do you start? For me, first of all, Carvalho doesn’t seem qualified to play at the Premier League level, he looks like he wants to go on loan for another season. He doesn’t look ready for this level of game.”

“Fabinho seems to be languishing. His start is just a walk, Firmino has uneven. Salah play badly today, Gomez play two good games and everyone believed he could be a replacement for Kyle Walk. Guer [in England], but today he’s back to his bad performance again, look, Liverpool have a lot of problems at the moment.”